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This is a photo of the formal dining room in the Bellingrath home.

This image shows a large, elaborately decorated dining room. The room is decorated in bright red, gold, and cream. The walls are white- or cream-colored with ornate gold crown molding. A large, crystal candelabra-style chandelier hangs from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Three large, double windows are covered with lace shear curtains, opulent red drapes, and swag valance window treatments. A large, room-sized rug with shades of red, gold, and cream colors covers the floor. In the middle of the room sits a large, dark wood, ten-person dining table set with delicate China dishes, crystal, and silver. The dining chair seats are covered with red and gold fabric. Two red and gold wingback chairs sit on either side of a fireplace at the end of the room. Several extra dining chairs are arranged along the walls.


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