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This is a photo of the first house that Walter and Bessie Bellingrath lived in during the early 1900s. It was located at 60 S. Ann Street in Mobile, AL.

This is a black and white photo showing the front of the house from the street. The house has two stories with wood board siding in the Neoclassical or Colonial Revival style. There is a large front porch that extends along the front of the house with eight columns- three columns on either side of the porch at the top of the steps and two columns on the other end of the porch. Four, wide porch steps make up half of the porch on the left side. There is also an open second story balcony connected to the roof of the front porch that extends along the front of the house. There are four people on the on porch dressed in Edwardian style clothing- three women and one man. These are relatives of Bessie Morse Bellingrath.


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