Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name



Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Mentor

Jinhui Wang


Environmental monitoring is essential to protect human life and the environment due to issues such as global warming, pollution, and weather phenomena like hurricanes. To this end this thesis presents a prototype IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled environmental monitoring network. The network will include the ability to collect data from various locations that will be uploaded to a cloud so that the data can be accessed from any device with a network connection allowing for greater environmental awareness and a database that can be used for environmental analysis. The network will be flexible enough that every data collection point will either connect directly to the internet, send data through a gateway with an internet connection, or upload data separately. For communication between devices, a mesh network will be used to allow communication from end nodes to router nodes and finally to a central or coordinator node which will upload all the data from the mesh network to the cloud. This work will outline all the hardware, software, and setup required to prototype the proposed monitoring network and will conclude with some potential future improvements.