Excelsior Band Live Performance - J.A.W.S. Festival 2022


Excelsior Band Live Performance - J.A.W.S. Festival 2022


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A live performance by the Excelsior Band during the 2022 Jazz Artists Writers South (J.A.W.S) Festival at the University of South Alabama’s Marx Library Auditorium.

The Excelsior Band is known for playing a variety of musical genres; however, their main emphasis is Dixieland and conventional jazz. The band is an all-Black brass marching band that has, for generations, embodied the culture of the city of Mobile and its beloved Mardi Gras celebration. Established in 1883, Excelsior survived the crucible of Jim Crow while assuming a central role in Mobile Carnival and becoming a beloved institution across cultures in Mobile.

The Excelsior Band leads the parades for both the Mobile Area Mardi Gras Association and the Mobile Carnival Association as Mobile’s official band, bridging a racial divide between the historically Black and white Mardi Gras celebrations. Excelsior’s longevity and artistry have made a long-term impact on Alabama’s music, education, and heritage. (https://www.arts.gov/honors/heritage/excelsior-band)

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Excelsior Band Live Performance - J.A.W.S. Festival 2022