Fisheries Rely on Threatened Salt Marshes


Ronald Baker, University of South Alabama
Matthew D. Taylor, NSW Department of Primary Industries
Kenneth W. Able, Rutgers University–New Brunswick
Michael W. Beck, University of California, Santa Cruz
Just Cebrian, Mississippi State University
Denise D. Colombano, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
Rod M. Connolly, Griffith University
Carolyn Currin, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Linda A. Deegan, Woodwell Climate Research Center
Ilka C. Feller, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
Ben L. Gilby, University of the Sunshine Coast
Matthew E. Kimball, Baruch Marine Field Laboratory
Thomas J. Minello, NOAA Fisheries
Lawrence P. Rozas, NOAA Fisheries
Charles Simenstad, University of Washington
R. Eugene Turner, Louisiana State University
Nathan J. Waltham, James Cook University
Michael P. Weinstein, New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium
Shelby L. Ziegler, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Philine S.E. zu Ermgassen, The University of Edinburgh
Caitlin Alcott, Inter-Fluve
Scott B. Alford, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Myriam A. Barbeau, University of New Brunswick
Sarah C. Crosby, Earthplace, Inc.
Kate Dodds, Macquarie University
Alyssa Frank, University of South Alabama
Janelle Goeke, Texas A and M University at Galveston
A. Goodridge Gaines, University of the Sunshine Coast
Felicity E. Hardcastle, University of the Sunshine Coast
Christopher J. Henderson, University of the Sunshine Coast
W. Ryan James, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Matthew D. Kenworthy, Savannah State University

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