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Oral History


Acc #: 756; EXC 012

In this recording, Leroy Bosby is interviewed by Ryan Morini and Michael Campbell in the McCall Library at the University of South Alabama about his experiences in the Excelsior Band. The interview begins with Mr. Bosby describing how his family moved from Marion Junction, Alabama to Mobile. He shares that his grandfather was a healer and herbalist, and his mother worked as a beautician. Mr. Bosby describes growing up on Warren Street, and playing in the band at Dunbar Junior High School. He also reflects on the influence of band directors like Edward Terry Pope and E.B. Coleman on his musical development, and recording artists like Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, and Charlie Parker. Mr. Bosby concludes the interview with reflections on the legacy of Excelsior Band and its significance to the city of Mobile.

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