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Oral History


Acc #: 328; JLFT 004

In this recording, Janet LeFlore is interviewed by John Beebee and Sheila Flanagan to discuss John LeFlore and the Civil Rights Movement in Mobile, Alabama. The interview begins with Ms. LeFlore sharing how she met her husband, Dr. W.B. LeFlore, in college; she recalls that her father frequently spoke in glowing terms of Dr. LeFlore’s father’s activism when she was growing up. Ms. LeFlore offers detailed descriptions of her impressions of John LeFlore as a man, as an activist, and as a father and grandfather. She also discusses how different members of the LeFlore family dealt with the threatening phone calls that they frequently received from white terrorists threatening violence, and her work in overseeing the reconstruction of the LeFlore home after it was bombed. She shares in-depth reflections on what John LeFlore’s legacy is and what it means in and beyond Mobile.

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