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This oral history collection consists of three audio cassette recordings and one written interview that Martha Mercer conducted with white World War II war brides from the United Kingdom and Australia in 1992 and 1993. Mercer undertook the project for her master’s thesis in History, “British Brides, American Wives: The Immigration and Acculturation of War Brides in Mobile, Alabama, 1945-1993,” which she completed at the University of South Alabama in 1993.

The files below are the interviews as they are catalogued in this collection at the McCall Library. Please note that what is listed as the "date of publication" in the description of each interview indicates the date that the interview was recorded.


Oral Histories


MMWB 001 Hansen Capley McLeod McBride Martin 5-12-1992, Jean Hansen, Ethel "Perry" Capley, Irene McLeod, Doris D. McBride, Mavis Martin, and Martha Mercer


MMWB 002 Muriel McGivney Voizard & Dorothy Remick 7-8-1992, Muriel McGivney Voizard, Dorothy Remick, and Martha Mercer


MMWB 003 Jean Hansen 4-2-1993, Jean Hansen and Martha Mercer