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Oral History


Acc #: 268; MMWB 002

This interview with Muriel H. McGivney Voizard and Dorothy Remick was recorded by Martha Mercer on July 8, 1992 in Mrs. Voizard's home. The main topic of the interview revolves around the women's experiences marrying American GIs in Australia during World War II and moving to the United States. The interview begins with Mrs. Voizard talking about her family in rural Australia, and her experiences growing up there. Mrs. Remick describes growing up in Tasmania. Both women discuss the process of immigrating to the US from Australia, and meeting their husband’s families in America. They also describe some of the linguistic differences and differences in cuisine and in measurements that they had to adjust to. Mrs. Remick talks about learning to cook like an American and the differences between American and Australian cooking. The interview concludes with Mrs. Voizard and Mrs. Remick talking about their experiences in applying for citizenship, and reflecting on whether or not the US feels like home to them today.

This interview is part of a collection of three audio cassette recordings and one written interview that Martha Mercer conducted with white World War II war brides from the UK and Australia in 1992-93. Mercer undertook the project for her master’s thesis in History, “British Brides, American Wives: The Immigration and Acculturation of War Brides in Mobile, Alabama, 1945-1993,” which she completed at the University of South Alabama in 1993.

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