Hype Women

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Annmarie Guzy, Ph.D.


The savior has spoken: I’m gonna go ahead and lube this vaginal probe for insertion. It’s time to examine your darkest cavity and determine what you’re made of. With these sacred words, a long-awaited prophecy is fulfilled. A would-be messiah, a pair of followers, a scholar studying the origins of an enigmatic cult, and an investigator attempting to bring a fraudster to justice find themselves on parallel journeys through the desolate plains of future Nebraska seeking a paradise promised by a cryptic radio broadcast. Behold, the Hype—a confounding dung heap of catchphrases and vague assertions, parables with double meanings, and hoards of freeze-dried food passed down through generations of Hype Women awaiting with irreverent certainty their deliverance from the profane world of 2442, a globalist utopia in which penises are out of fashion and brains are all connected. From the dark, empty shaft of a decommissioned missile silo to the Prick of the Prairie—an erection formerly known as the Nebraska State Capitol—this wicked farce journeys across the rural heartland of America, a mostly-abandoned landscape scattered with relics of modern humanity, encountering ferocious “Acts of God” that raise doubts about heaven and fears that a force more powerful than anyone imagined is working against its own people.