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Todd Andel, Ph.D.


Selfish mining is an attack against a blockchain where miners hide newly discovered blocks instead of publishing them to the rest of the network. Selfish mining has been a potential issue for blockchains since it was first discovered by Eyal and Sirer. It can be used by malicious miners to earn a disproportionate share of the mining rewards or in conjunction with other attacks to steal money from network users. Several of these attacks were launched in 2018, 2019, and 2020 with the attackers stealing as much as $18 Million. Developers made several different attempts to fix this issue, but the effectiveness of the fixes is currently unknown. Despite the known vulnerability, there is little researching into detecting these attacks either historically or in real-time. In this research, we build a program to gather data from known selfish mining attacks against the Ethereum Classic blockchain. We then use this data to train a machine-learning algorithm to discover the important features for detecting selfish mining.