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Systems Engineering

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Dr. Robert Cloutier, Ph.D.


This manuscript presents an approach to the application of the Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Model-Based Systems Architecting (MBSA) principles to develop a Model-Based Pattern Language (MBPL). It takes considerable time for systems engineers and mission architects to develop a new system from scratch, particularly new space-based systems derived from the existing space system architectures. The use of a pattern language which is a holistic view of reusable logical model artifacts, can improve the process.

The main benefit of the pattern language is to reduce the time and validation required to generate a new space-based system architecture; this approach will develop top-level requirements in the initial phase of the system development. The approach of the methodology in this research was to collect and decompose published literature and other open-source information available on space system architectures and system models. After those were generated, SysML models for systems, sub-systems, products, assembly, subassembly level, and mission-specific requirements were derived from the existing systems and documents using CAMEO SysML software. These patterns were then arranged into a functional ontology and used to construct a logical architecture pattern library. This approach created, updated, and managed a SysML pattern language, which expedited new model construction.

The goal was to develop a logical pattern language using public domain information and evaluate patterns by constructing a new space mission. This research was partly funded by the NASA Advanced Concepts Office (ACO) Huntsville, AL., during 2021.