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Business Administration

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William E. Gillis, Ph.D.


The year 2020 demonstrates that powerful forces exist in the external environment, which may threaten a firm’s survival, but agency problems, within the organization, persist even in years where there are minimal external pressures on the firm. Agency costs can present meaningful challenges to the firm beyond the chief executive and top management team, and the concept of agency is applicable to all employees, not just management. An organizational learning culture is proposed to both aid firms in reducing the cost associated with agency, as well as to enable firms to adapt to rapid changes in the external environment. In this study, the three proposed antecedents of an organizational learning culture are organizational identification, an innovation climate, and team empowerment, and the two measures of collective psychological ownership and organizational citizenship behaviors organizational are proposed as favorable outcomes. When firms look to decrease agency costs, it is important to consider that all firm employees can aggregately influence these costs, and thus, it is important to look beyond top management teams.