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Clinical and Counseling Psychology

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Joseph, Currier, Ph.D.


Spirituality and religion can play an integral role in physical and mental health outcomes in positive and negative ways (Pargament, 2013; Rosmarin, 2018). While there are established screener items to determine positive utilization of spirituality, there are no existing screener measures for spiritual struggles. The Religious and Spiritual Struggles scale (RSS; Exline et al., 2014) is considered the gold standard for measuring spiritual struggles yet is too lengthy to be used as a screener. The present study sought to develop a brief spiritual distress screener for use in healthcare settings. Phase 1 of the study utilized secondary datasets in which the RSS was implemented across seven samples in inpatient, residential, treatment-seeking, and community-based settings. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was conducted on the overall sample to identify items that load highly on factors with low cross-loadings. Phase 2 utilized a community-based outpatient sample to assess internal consistency and concurrent validity of the screener using total scores of the CORE-10 and PHQ-2. Overall, this study provides a clinically relevant and easy to implement screener for use in healthcare settings that will, in turn, improve overall health and treatment outcomes for those who experience spiritual struggles.