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Exploring Information Literacy Self-Efficacy Beliefs in Nursing Students: Results from an Institutional Survey


Objective: This exploratory study examined perceived self-efficacy in information literacy skills in nursing students and discusses how collaborative relationships between nursing faculty and librarians can strengthen curricular efforts to support information literacy.

Methods: Using the Information Competency Assessment Instrument, a survey research design was used to determine student perceptions of their information literacy skills. Participants included nursing Baccalaureate, Master's and Doctoral students in each of these programs.

Results: The Information Competency Assessment Instrument identified low self-efficacy in the following categories: using an index, determining information needed for assignments, use of governmental documents, media sources, producers of information and citing sources. These findings provide a starting point for incorporation information literacy skills through an instructional program that addresses the skills gaps.

Conclusions: Information literacy self-efficacy is directly related to curricular achievement. Strengthening the presence of librarians in the curriculum can improve information literacy skills through assessment, instruction, and application of information literacy competencies.

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