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This is a presentation by Gail Kouame for the MLA 2022 Annual Meeting. This presentation describes two virtual reality projects undertaken by the Greenblatt Library at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. The first project is one that her two co-authors, Jenn Davis and Lachelle Smith, initiated. Jenn is the Data and Scholarship Librarian and Lachelle is the Allied Health Sciences Librarian. They wanted to figure out a way to introduce concepts surrounding data literacy and data management in a more engaging way. The primary objective of this project is to instruct graduate students in the health sciences disciplines on how to ethically manage data.

The second project is a collaboration between the Greenblatt Library and the Medical College of Georgia, as well as the Augusta University School of Computer and Cyber Sciences and the Computer and Game Design and Development program at Kennesaw State University. Faculty members from the Medical College approached Mrs. Kouame to inquire about the possibility of designating a space in the library as a virtual reality room. They had been developing some virtual reality experiences to integrate into the curriculum for undergraduate medical students. These experiences are geared primarily to build empathy surrounding patients with vision impairments such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, or physical limitations resulting from Parkinson’s Disease or a stroke.

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