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Artwork created by Mobile Boys and Girls Club member for J.A.W.S. Festival 2022. The artwork is untitled. The artist is L.G.

Descriptive details of the painting.

Abstract painting on canvas. The painting is divided into seven sections around a center, with each section and the center containing a different image. The center image is of a brown eye with the pupil in the shape of an all-black silhouette of a woman’s head and upper shoulders. The woman’s hair is colored in swirls of gray and black with a white flower on the top left side of her head. She is also wearing a string of white pearls around her neck. The woman’s silhouette most likely represents the blues and jazz singer Billie Holiday. The description of the other images in the paintings around the center follows from left to right. The first section is a painting of black musical notes on a white background. The second section has a white background with two overlapping red heart shapes. The third section is a landscape painting with the sun setting behind a mountain. The background is reddish pink with a gray mountain. The fourth section is a painting of a night sky with a black background and a moon half obscured by a cloud. The fifth section is a painting of black musical notes on a white background. The sixth section is a painting of a person’s silhouette behind an old-fashioned metal microphone. The silhouette and microphone are a mix of black and gray colors on a brown background. The last section is a painting of a landscape with a tree surrounded by grass in the foreground, a forest of green trees, and a blue sky and yellow sun in the background.


J.A.W.S. Festival, youth art, Boys and Girls club