Spring 2005

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Mobile, AL



First Advisor

Phil Carr


Old Mobile (1MB94), a French colonial site dating from 1702 to 1711, is located in southwest Alabama, on the west side of Mobile River, which is now known as Twenty-seven Mile Bluff. Archaeological investigation of Old Mobile have been undertaken for the past sixteen years and this work has included the excavation of a number of structures. The artifact assemblage recovered from Structure 31, located on the northeast edge of the site near the Mobile River, was analyzed in an attempt to establish its function in relation to the larger community of Old Mobile. Detailed analysis of each artifact class was conducted and spatial distribution maps were drawn. The data generated will be compared with Structure 1, a possible domestic dwelling, and Structure 30, which may have been a soldiers' barracks (Waselkov 2002:13). The comparisons and artifact analyses will provide new information regarding the role of Structure 31 in the community of Old Mobile and aid in better understanding the French colonial presence in southwest Alabama.