Biofeedback Newsletter

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News Article

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Biomedical Library Newsletter


Archived record for the USA Biomedical Library newsletter for February 2015.

Content includes:

  • Director's Notes
  • What's New on AccessMedicine?
  • Information Triage at the Biomedical Library
  • Three New Nursing Journals Added to the Biomedical Library's Collection
  • Clinical Pharmacology Updates Drug-Drug Interaction Report
  • Lexicomp Drug Database Added to the Biomedical Library's Collection
  • theNNT Quick Summaries of Evidence-Based Medicine
  • NIH Toolbox
  • Kaltura: Helping Universities Capture and Manage Video Content
  • An Introduction to Grey literature: Part I
  • Biomedical Librarians Bring Health Literacy Awareness to Project Homeless Connect
  • Copyright Corner: The Exclusive Rights
  • Faculty Publications

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