Night Train


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This photo was featured in the jazz art exhibit at the University of South Alabama's Marx Library during the 2022 J.A.W.S. Festival. The late Dr. Joaquin M. Holloway, Jr. (1937-2022) was not only a lifelong educator, but also a strong advocate for youth programs aimed at enriching underserved and marginalized youth in the Mobile area. Dr. Holloway served as the first Director of Instructional Media and a professor in the College of Business Management at the University of South Alabama. He also hosted a weekly jazz radio program called "Holloway House" in support of jazz festivals and musicians in Mobile and surrounding areas. Dr. Holloway's passion for jazz music and culture, trains and railroads, and the Mobile area served as inspiration for many of his photographs.


Dr. Joaquin M. Holloway, Jr., J.A.W.S Fest 2022, jazz art, USA Library, Marx Library