Susan N. McCollough Art Exhibit: 2014


Susan N. McCollough Art Exhibit: 2014


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Susan N. McCollough Paintings by local artist, Susan Nomberg McCollough, was on display on the third floor of the University of South Alabama Marx Library in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art from July 1 – August 31, 2014.

Susan Nomberg McCollough received her bachelor of science degree in speech and art from the University of Alabama and continued to study with many accomplished artists and teachers, including Professors Al Sella and Frank Engle of Tuscaloosa, Alabama; Max Hellman at The Birmingham Museum of Art; and Barbara Moon at The Little House on Linden in Birmingham. She had also studied at the Delgado Museum of New Orleans (now the New Orleans Museum of Art) and in such places as Pensacola, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts; and at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Susan's paintings displayed in libraries, banks, hospitals, senior care facilities, interior design showrooms, corporate offices, and private collections. She had produced more than 500 paintings, many of which were commissioned, and she had exhibited in more than 10 solo exhibitions in Alabama and Florida. McCollough painted primarily on large canvases, sometimes working on as many as three or four paintings at a time. Her works were Abstract Expressionist in style with freedom of movement, and vibrant, or sometimes, monochromatic colors. She painted in acrylics and oils as well as worked in mixed media with charcoal, pastels, or watercolors.

McCollough was previously a partner/owner of Studio Three in Florida and currently works at her private studio, The Susan N. McCollough Gallery, which was located at 350 Cypress Bend Boulevard in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The 3,500 square Gallery exhibits an array of acrylic paintings, drawings, charcoal and ink drawings, mixed media, and oils.

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Susan N. McCollough Art Exhibit: 2014