West of Cathedral Square Gallery


West of Cathedral Square Gallery


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Art work from members of the Cathedral Square Gallery displayed in The Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art located on the third floor of the University of South Alabama Library. The art show featured works from local artists such as Roy Walters, Frances Ashcraft, Denise Inge and Mary Rodning. The exhibit was on display through October 31, 2012. The exhibit was free and open to the public during library hours.

The show, "West of Cathedral Square Gallery," featured a variety of styles including: watercolors, oils and acrylics. Mary Rodning, for whom the Rodning Gallery of Art is named, also had works in the show. The collection included paintings of the local area and featured the Gulf Coast, local landscape and captured the atmosphere of lower Alabama.

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Mobile, AL


Painting, Realism, Expressive


Arts and Humanities

West of Cathedral Square Gallery