"Natural Impressions" A Photographic Art Exhibit presented by Tom Meyer


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Tom Meyer was an outdoor enthusiast, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of South Alabama, and the current President of the Faculty Senate. He had boyhood dreams of becoming a naturalist and acquired a degree in biology before being inspired by a military stint as a Green Beret medic to pursue a career in Nursing. A deep appreciation of the natural world has remained a passionate focus in his life.

This was Tom's first show ever. He has always considered himself more than a casual photographer, but the digital revolution inspired his enthusiasm to scratch his artistic itches in places he was never able to reach with film. Having one of his pieces selected by Dr. Sue Walker, Professor of English at the University of South Alabama, to be presented to renowned biologist E. O. Wilson, in appreciation of his visit as a Stokes Distinguished Lecturer in 2009, gave Tom confidence that his work would find an audience beyond close family and friends.

Photographic realism was not the primary focus of Tom's artistic style. Rather, he sought to create images that are evocative of the behind-the-eye experience more than a detailed re-creation of the subject. He accomplished this through digital manipulation of the raw photo. He was unapologetic about this, likening the computer to a darkroom with ones and zeros as his paint and a mouse as his brush.

Tom has never had formal training in either art or photography. For now he prefers to leave it that way, feeling that his naivete' in this respect fosters an organic approach that more sophistication may interfere with. Indeed, it was only recently that Tom realized that he had developed a definite style: vivid colors, high-contrast, distinctly impressionistic, and always grounded in the natural world.

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