Dr. Bob Coleman Art Exhibit


Dr. Bob Coleman Art Exhibit


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Robert Coleman, Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of South Alabama, displayed several of his pieces on the first floor of the University of South Alabama library. His exhibit featured a beautiful color palette and a large array of abstract paintings.

Coleman used paints to emphasize color and energy rather than representation; however, many people have told him they see narrative qualities in the paintings. Coleman explained some of his paintings resist the narrative comparison and are representative of his urge to dabble with colors and shapes.

"I know that more than likely the design will shift directions until its final form appears to me," said Coleman. "This process is similar to what goes on for many creative writers who describe how a character in their fiction decides what action she or he is going to take and how she or he is going to think. In this way, the character materializes before the writer's eyes much as form will force its shape on the canvas rather than my dictating what the form must be."

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Painting, Abstract, Expressive


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Dr. Bob Coleman Art Exhibit