Our Neighbors


Our Neighbors


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"Our Neighbors," a photography exhibition by Vincent Lawson, displayed at the USA Marx Library. Lawson was teaching USA special courses photography classes for over 11 years. He had a strong passion for taking real life photographs that capture the still, small moments in life that would otherwise fade away and be lost. The photos in this exhibit were beautiful examples of Lawson's talent for capturing and preserving these images on film.

This exhibit had special meaning to Vincent. He stated, "It is my goal that this project will help those who have little or nothing, whose dreams have been shattered, who think that no one cares for them, who think that they don't matter. If this project can change one person's way of thinking, it will be a success. 'Our Neighbors' came about from one photograph. The message came from Luke 10:29-37. Who is our neighbor? It's a simple question, but the answer is quite often ignored. Jesus was asked the question 'who is my neighbor?' And His answer is in Luke 10:30-37. These photographs represented our neighbors in this present day and time. These photographs also ask a question: if you see an individual in need, will you pass them by or help them? The two choices are: Empathy or Apathy. It's as simple as that. The goal is more awareness of our neighbors' needs."

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Our Neighbors