"Branching Out" And "Funky Self-Portraits"


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Two original art quilt exhibited by the Azalea City Art Quilters displayed in the first floor gallery of the USA Marx Library through October 27, 2015.

A nonprofit organization, the Azalea City Art Quilters (a.k.a. Art Bee) was founded in 2004. Practicing their motto of "nO RuLeS," the members explore new techniques through individual and group projects. Their original designs were based on their own ideas rather than using traditional patterns. The two exhibits being shown in the Marx Library were colorful, eye-catching displays that showcase the group's talent, creativity, and originality.

"Branching Out" was a large, beautiful tree with outstretched limbs measuring over 15 feet across. To create this collaborative fiber art project, each of the 22 participating members took a section of the tree and had the freedom to interpret it as imaginatively or realistically as desired, using any quilting or fiber art technique. Techniques used include both hand and machine appliqué, painting, fused fabrics, needle felting, embellishments, decorative stitching, and quilting. Together, the sections reflect a wide range of artistic styles and construction methods.

"Funky Self-Portraits" was a collection of original, whimsical self-portraits created by the members of the Azalea City Art Quilters. Each quilter did a wild and crazy freehand self-portrait in fabric. No pattern was used, and while certain details such as hairstyle or glasses are accurate, no attempt was made to make the portraits look true-to-life. The result was a group of fun and funky self-portraits in a wide variety of colors and styles. Although each portrait included a name plate, people who know the members may recognize the artist without reading the name. The group thought it would be fun for people viewing their other exhibit to look at the portraits and get an idea of the person who made each quilt.

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