USA Art Instructor, Megan Moore, Displays Nature Collages at Marx Library


USA Art Instructor, Megan Moore, Displays Nature Collages at Marx Library



Collages featuring natural influences and focusing on botanical illustration displayed in the Mary Elizabeth and Charles Bernard Rodning Gallery of Art at the USA Marx Library. USA instructor and Printmaking and Foundations Coordinator, Megan Moore, created an exhibit with representational elements of flora and fauna found in the 'natural world.' Moore's exhibit displayed her process of sampling, deconstruction, and reconstruction, which come together to form something new. The exhibit was showcased in the Rodning Gallery.

Moore's process was a repetitive series of drawing, creating plates, cutting, collaging, and coloring. She created new printmaking plates and prints them repeatedly, experimenting with color and paper along the way. Moore said her process of collage is both intentional and highly intuitive. Each piece's placement on the substrate depends on those glued before it; decisions about placement are reactions to what was already there.

Moore's work made use of nature-inspired imagery that was being replicated and distorted and ultimately assembled into abstracted formations. She was interested in flora and fauna since she was a child, when her free time was spent exploring her father's garden or biking through neighboring orchards. In the past two years, Moore moved and traveled quite a bit and as she explored each new landscape, she was collecting images of plants and organisms native to the different areas. She amassed a small library of images from these explorations and this collection of images was vital to her process.

"I am continually feeding new forms into my collection and each new addition marks a spot along my journey," said Moore. "Though I have recently been focusing on botanical illustration and species from my father's garden, my reference material has previously included a wide range of sources, including, but not limited to, old biology and medical books, mandalas, scientific slides, fabric patterns, art nouveau jewelry, and Victorian wallpaper."

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USA Art Instructor, Megan Moore, Displays Nature Collages at Marx Library