A Motherhood Anthology Reading


A Motherhood Anthology Reading


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On May 13, 2022, a motherhood tribute opened the door to empower all women to nurture their uniqueness. The poet Nikol-Day uses a sincere tone to invite the audience to ponder the verbalized words read. The theme of the poetry read invites the listener to reflect on similar experiences. For this, to be the first recorded Motherhood Anthology Reading the poems read smoothly. Receiving this video and comparing it to the written show outline revealed that the goal of content was met. The brief segway helped transition from one poem to the next but was not written. The next event will include much more organizational thought. The artwork complements the theme. The main painting in the backdrop, painted by Robbie Amonett, adds to the ambiance.

What I found amazing is the captured confidence that grew more and more as I, the poet, spoke. The smile gives hope. The next anthology reading will be even more fun and spread even more encouragement - Nikol-Day

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poetry, motherhood, Nikol-Day, Rodning Gallery, University of South Alabama


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Poetry | Women's Studies


The Motherhood Anthology Reading by Nikol-Day took place in the Rodning Art Gallery in the Marx Library at the University of South Alabama. The video was recorded by Ian Downs and photos of the event were taken by Robbie Runderson.

A Motherhood Anthology Reading