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Oral History


Acc #: 756; EXC 004

In this recording, Ronnie Hunter is interviewed by Jada Jones, Ryan Morini, and Willie Dinish in the McCall Library at the University of South Alabama about his experiences in the Excelsior Band. The interview begins with Mr. Hunter talking about growing up in Maysville and the origins of his interest in music. He reflects on the gravity of the band celebrating its then-upcoming 140-year reunion, and the sort of celebrity that comes with being a member of the band in Mobile. Mr. Hunter also discusses the importance that he sees in music education programs, and the decline in support for such programs that he has seen over his lifetime. He also reflects on the importance that music has for him personally as an outlet and a means to unwind. He concludes with discussion of some previous members of the band, including tuba player Charles Hall.

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