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Acc #: 756; EXC 009

In this recording, Jerryln London is interviewed by Jada Jones, Ryan Morini, and Michael Campbell in the McCall Library at the University of South Alabama about his experiences in the Excelsior Band. Ms. London begins the interview by sharing that she grew up in Mobile’s Maysville neighborhood, near Ladd Stadium. One of her family members, Melza “Chappie” Williams, was a member of Excelsior Band member, and she recalls some of her early memories of the band. As an alumna of Williamson High School, she also shares memories of her education there, and of Principal Lemuel Keeby. Ms. London describes the work she does organizing payroll for the Excelsior Band, and the process that led to the band’s incorporation and the formalization of relationships with the Mobile Chamber of Commerce and other institutions. The interview concludes with some of Ms. London’s reflections on the legacy of the Excelsior Band.

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