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Oral History


Acc #: 270; JLFC 001B

In this recording, John L. LeFlore is interviewed by Margaret Lavorne and Melton McLaurin to discuss the Civil Rights Movement and the history of Mobile, Alabama. The interview begins with Mr. LeFlore discussing the legal strategies in the Ed Tate case, and more generally the racism that Black railroad workers faced in terms of pay, promotions, and working conditions. Mr. LeFlore also recounts the story of the Alabama Dry Dock and Shipping Company (ADDSCO) riot, and describes the ways that he and others fought to challenge racist hiring policies at the docks and discriminatory work training programs in Mobile. Mr. LeFlore also shares some thoughts on his journalistic experiences documenting lynchings in the U.S. South.

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A brief portion of the beginning of the audio recording appears not to be digitized at this time. It is more than likely present on the original reels and it should be possible to re-digitize it in the future. The missing section was transcribed, and is represented in the transcript available here.