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Oral History


Acc #: 270; JLFC 001C

In this recording, John L. LeFlore is interviewed by Margaret Lavorne and Melton McLaurin to discuss the Civil Rights Movement and the history of Mobile, Alabama. The interview begins with Mr. LeFlore observing that African Americans could not take city and county civil service examinations in Mobile County, unconstitutionally limiting their employment options. He relates the work that he and other activists undertook to establish more equitable hiring practices and access to training opportunities, particularly in Mobile. Mr. LeFlore also discusses his work with the Mobile Housing Board, and describes what he views as the benefits of urban renewal to the Black community as well as some negative impacts, and the challenges of attempting to improve Black people’s access to better housing in the face of white flight. He offers some observations on the food stamp program, and some ruminations on the effects of the gubernatorial administration of George Wallace in Alabama.

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