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Oral History


Acc #: 270; JLFC 002

In this recording, John L. LeFlore and Wiley Bolden are interviewed by Melton McLaurin to discuss the Civil Rights Movement and the history of Mobile, Alabama. The interview begins with a focus on NAACP voting rights efforts in Mobile in 1944, and the fight against the Boswell Amendment. They also offer comparisons and contrasts in terms of voter registration for Black Alabamians in the 1940s, under the Folsom administration, versus the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. LeFlore also discusses the role of Joseph Langan, who served both as a state senator and as a longtime mayor of Mobile, in shaping the landscape for Black voting rights in Mobile. He also discusses the impact that the closing of Brookley Field had on Mobile and especially the Black community, and some of the dispossessing impacts of urban renewal and the construction of highway I-10.

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