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The purpose of this project was to increase health by implementing a personalized, clinic-based weight loss program for overweight/obese patients leading to a decrease in weight, BMI, and waist circumference and an increase in muscle mass by using resistance training (RT) exercises as an adjunct to diet, therefore helping to decrease comorbidities associated with obesity. This project aimed to use strength training exercises as an adjunct therapy to lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, counseling) to decrease body weight by 8 pounds, decrease BMI by at least 1%, decrease waist circumference by at least 1 inch, and increase muscle mass percentage by at least 1% among overweight/obese adults within two months of intervention. The project was successful in helping participants to decrease weight and BMI but was unsuccessful in reducing waist circumference or increasing muscle mass.

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USA College of Nursing, DNP project, poster, individualized weight loss


Medicine and Health Sciences | Nursing

Benefits of Individualized Weight Loss Program in the Overweight Adult Population in Primary Care

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