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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma, Ph.D.


Dr. Hulya Kirkici, Dr. Sean Walker


A residential power consumption increases exponentially during peak time, which results higher energy cost compared to the non-peak time. Recently, power companies introduced a dynamic pricing scale to encourage consumers to shift loads to the non-peak time. By exploiting this dynamic pricing, a consumer significantly lowers electric bill. However, the management of microgrid with PV and ESS integrated with the grid from power companies requires sophisticated algorithms that can monitor the power generated by the PV, the power available at the ESS, and the power required by the consumer. An Energy Management System (EMS) can monitor all those variables and decide the best time and flow of power to buy from and sell to the power companies. This research focuses on analyzing energy management system (EMS) strategy to a single residence consumer which configures a microgrid system. This research project is simulating a microgrid in Matlab with different energy storage ESS models with different capacities and considering real physical data of local solar insolation and load power load of residential users. These simulations allow a sensitivity analysis of the consumed power price at several different scenarios to verify the probable most economical cases.

Available for download on Friday, September 20, 2024