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Educational Leadership

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Wanda Maulding-Green, Ed.D


Dr. Peggy Delmas, Dr. Ryon McDermott, Dr. Greg Frazer


This study analyzed admission practices at four-year universities in the United States to determine whether a relationship exists between the score of an individual component of the admission practice and completion of radiologic technology programs. Attrition is a major concern for higher education as funding for higher education continues to decline. This is especially true for highly competitive programs where there are more applicants than seats available. Every Radiologic Technology program in the United States throughout the admission process tries to select the student that is most likely to succeed in their program. Understanding the relationship of the different components of the selection process and how they predict success is vital information for Radiology Technology Program Directors. This research will add knowledge for Program Directors to be able to choose the candidate who is most likely to find success in program completion. Six research questions guided this study, seeking to determine the relationship between each component of the admission process as it relates to completion of the program. Results revealed that of the five most common metrics used in determining whether or not a student was admitted to the program, grade point average was the only factor that showed a significant impact on the determination of student’s success in the program. Due to the small amount of research that was found on this topic the information obtained could be invaluable for Program Directors in choosing the candidate most likely to succeed in a radiography program.

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