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Dr. Hulya Kirkici, Ph.D.


Dr. Saeed Latif, Dr. Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma, Dr. Melike Dizbay-Onat


Dielectric characterization is very important across a wide range of applications, including the design and optimization of capacitors, electrical insulation, and electronic devices. It plays a vital role in providing valuable insights for material selection, performance evaluation, and the development of advanced dielectrics. The permittivity of dielectrics is a fundamental property of dielectric materials that quantifies their ability to store and dissipate energy in the presence of an electric field. Studies for developing advanced dielectrics and accurate measurements of the dielectric constant are essential for understanding and optimizing the performance of various electrical and electronic systems. The objective of this work is to investigate the dielectric electrical characteristics of both commercially available dielectrics with known permittivity and in-house produced micro/nanodielectrics using two different measurement techniques. In this work we used parallel plate capacitor configuration and measured the capacitance of the setup and then calculated the dielectric constant at frequencies varying from 0.1 to 200 kHz. For the second method, we used a network analyzer and measured the scattering parameters at high frequencies varying from 9 to 11GHz in a transmission/reflection measurement technique, and then determined the dielectric constants of the samples. Results and conclusions are presented.

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