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Educational Leadership

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Co-Chairs: Dr. Peggy Delmas and Dr. Tres Stefurak


Dr. Gurupreet Khalsa, Dr. Laventrice Ridgeway, and Dr. Wanda Maulding Green


This qualitative phenomenological study explored how college students with disabilities (SWDs) accessed accommodations from their universities and their perceptions of service delivery by university faculty and staff. An additional purpose of this study was to seek the type and effectiveness of accommodations received by college SWDs. I recruited participants through the disability resource office of a regional university in the Southeastern United States. The diverse population studied was college SWDs, and the phenomenon of interest was their experience with receiving accommodations from their university. The seven participants who took part in interviews identified as college students with a disability that affected them academically who had accessed disability services at their university. The findings from the research revealed that the two most frequently provided accommodations were related to testing and included extended time to complete exams and testing in a distraction-free environment. Participants also reported that their educational experiences were positively enhanced when accommodations were appropriately administered. Finally, recommendations for future research limitations were discussed.