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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair

Dr. Edmund Spencer


Dr, Saeed Latif, Dr. Eric Steward, Dr. Purbi Adhya


In recent years, several substorm onset criteria have been developed, either from auroral observations (many authors) or from auroral electrojet properties such as those described by (Forsyth et al., 2015; Maimaiti et al., 2019; Newell & Gjerloev, 2011; Partamies et al., 2011) The different criteria are being investigated using a low order physics model of the magnetosphere called WINDMI (Spencer et al., 2009) and inferences are being made in line with the WINDMI model. The model variables will be compared with the criteria for substorm onset proposed by examining the SML index.

The WINDMI model uses solar wind and IMF measurements from ACE spacecraft as input to a system of 8 non-linear ordinary differential equations. The state variables of the differential equations represent the energy stored in the geomagnetic tail, central plasma sheet, ring current, and field-aligned currents. In this work, the relationship between the output of the WINDMI model and SML (True data) will be established for different events and the timing of the onset for each event, the model parameters, and the model intermediate state space variables are examined and analyzed.