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Business Administration

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Dr. Ermanno Affuso


Dr. Shashank Rao, Dr. Michail Tsagris, Dr. Joe Hair


The number of global supply chain disruptions is increasing at an alarming rate. These disruptions vary in terms of source, duration, and scope, but all pose major threats to the continuity of firms worldwide. Because of this increase in turbulence, there has been heightened interest in recent years surrounding the development of firm-level resilience to such disruptions. The supply chain sustainability research stream is relatively well-developed; less is known, however, about specific strategies for strengthening resilience. This study aims to contribute to the resilience literature by examining the viability of innovativeness and the adoption of green supply chain management practices as supply chain resilience enhancement strategies. Drawing from dynamic capabilities view, this study examines archival data from The World Bank through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic disruption. Using propensity score matching, genetic matching, and random forest classification, this study highlights the importance of adopting green practices as a means of mitigating the damages incurred by disruptive events. This study advances the theoretical understanding of supply chain resilience and offers practical applications for enhancing resilience at the firm level.