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Laryngeal Vestibular Closure in Healthy, Non-Dysphagic Adults

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Speech and Hearing Science

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Kendrea Garand, Ph.D, CScD, CCC-SLP, BCS-S, CBIS, CCRE


This retrospective study quantified normal LVC (laryngeal vestibular closure) variance and how influential factors (age category, sex, and swallow task) influence normative ranges. A total of 195 healthy, non-dysphagic participants, including 85 males and 110 females from the ages of 21 to 89 years, participated in a modified barium swallow study. Seven swallow tasks, with varying viscosities and volumes, per participant were analyzed to measure two temporal LVC measures: LVCrt (reaction time) and dLVC (duration). Descriptive and inferential analyses were provided. Significant findings included longer dLVC in older age categories, longer dLVC in females compared to males, only in the oldest age category (> 60 years), and longer dLVC with thinner liquids (thin liquids and nectar-thick liquids) compared to pudding. No significant differences were found with sex that met the strict p value of < .001 (used to account for lack of homogeneity of variance). No significant effects of LVCrt were revealed. Results of this study contribute to the clinical realm, as it gives clinicians normative reference values for more specific diagnoses and treatments of swallowing impairment, and to provide more efficacy in the plan of care.

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