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M. Delwar, Hossain, Ph.D.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, health information was shared by the government agencies and non-profit organizations in Bangladesh. This study explored user engagement with the COVID-19 related health messages/contents shared by Bangladeshi government agencies and non-profit organizations/NGOs on social media. With this goal, this study examined social media posts by government and non-profit organizations' Facebook pages and their user interactions to understand engagement with distinct types of messages shared on these pages. The findings indicated that photos, videos, and links with Covid-19 related messages get more interactions from the Bangladeshi Facebook users, and further suggested that the users’ sentiment to the contents was mostly positive. The results further showed that user engagement was higher with contents shared from non-profit organizations’ Facebook pages. The study thus assessed the effectiveness of the health-related social media content by government agencies and non-profit organizations in Bangladesh and offered insights for future practices.



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