Physical Therapists' and Physical Therapist Students' Experiences and Views on the Provision of Physical Therapy Services to People With Dementia: A Scoping Review

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Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy


Physical therapists (PTs) require specialized education and training to increase the capacity and competence of the dementia care workforce. Four areas of critical dementia workforce education and training gaps that apply to the physical therapy profession have been identified, including recruitment/retention, financing and cost of training, interprofessional education, and translation/implementation of effective dementia care. A critical step in developing effective training programs and educational curricula is to understand PTs' and PT students' experiences and views on working with people with dementia (PwD). Therefore, the purpose of this scoping review was to examine the extent and types of evidence that explore the experiences and views of PTs and PT students on the provision of physical therapy services to PwD.


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Physical Therapy