Art Exhibit 2022



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Michelle Brownlow created this piece while working with a lump of clay and video chatting with her husband, an army veteran. Her husband jokingly said, “That looks like a Kepi!” From there, a soldier named Jimmy was born. Michelle gave him personality and life by adding a simple pinch pot with attached feet to serve as the soldier’s cooking vessel. Upon further development, Michelle decided to add a pendulum that transformed the soldier sculpture into a functioning dinner bell.

Image details:

Ceramic sculpture of the head and upper torso of a Caucasian male soldier wearing a dark blue-gray military-style coat and hat. Four yellow buttons run down the center length of the coat. The arms on the soldier sculpture are extended overhead in a pose as if he is adjusting or putting on his hat. A simple, round black vessel with three legs resembling a cooking pot accompanies the soldier. The soldier sculpture functions as a bell, and the cooking pot functions as a salt pinch pot.