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Although classroom-based coursework and clinical education activities in speech-language pathology graduate programs strive to link education to relevant practice, gaps persist. Parent-implemented intervention is an evidence-based practice mandated by federal law in early intervention; however, speech-language pathology graduate programs do not provide students with ample opportunities to gain relevant experience. Outcomes from two research studies supported revising classroom and clinical education, increasing educational relevance and professional preparation for students. A qualitative study with focus groups identified key implementation needs that led to the addition of role play simulation in the classroom. A follow-up study supported developing an innovative clinical model to teach parent-implemented intervention. Pre- to post-program survey results revealed significantly greater confidence for students in the program compared to peers who did not participate. Presentation of findings will include engaging conference attendees with the materials for adult learning and coaching used to prepare students for the parent-implemented intervention.

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Curriculum and Instruction | Early Childhood Education | Educational Methods | Educational Technology | Elementary Education | Language and Literacy Education | Other Education | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Speech Pathology and Audiology

Classroom-based Simulation & Clinical Education Innovations Improve Graduate Education