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This oral history interview with Dr. Carl Cunningham Jr. was conducted by Jada Jones and Ryan Morini in Bay Minette, Alabama at Coastal Alabama Community College. Dr. Cunningham speaks about his family’s connections to the Down the Bay community, as well as his membership in the Excelsior Band. He also shares some of his family history in relation to the history of Mobile, including his ancestor Lucrecia Perryman who has been the subject of considerable archaeological research. Dr. Cunningham also talks about his experiences growing up and learning about this history from family members, and the effect that knowing that history has had in preparing him for success in life and enabling him to advise and work with students at CACC. He also shares observations on some of the social and historical dynamics of racism in Mobile and surrounding areas. And Dr. Cunningham’s mother Audrey has a brief cameo over the phone, supplying further information about Down the Bay.

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