Acc #: 383

This collection was created by historian Nahfiza Ahmed as part of her research on the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power in Mobile. These interviews followed up on her 1999 dissertation at the University of Leicester, Race, Class and Citizenship: The Civil Rights Struggle in Mobile, Alabama, 1925-85. At the time of the interviews, Dr. Ahmed was a lecturer in history at the University of Kent at Canterbury, Rutherford College.

*Note that NAC 002 James Dixon is available to be viewed on-site at the McCall Archive, but cannot be directly quoted from.

The files below are the interviews as they are catalogued in this collection at the McCall Library. Please note that what is listed as the "date of publication" in the description of each interview indicates the date that the interview was recorded.


Oral Histories


NAC 001 Joseph Langan 7-25-2001, Joseph Langan and Nahfiza Ahmed


NAC 003 Jerry Pogue 7-26-2001, Jerry Pogue and Nahfiza Ahmed


NAC 004 OB Purifoy 10-3-2001, Ossie B. Purifoy and Carol Ellis