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Educational Leadership

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Peggy M. Delmas, Ph.D.


This research explored the self-efficacy and sense of belonging in transfer students with disabilities after an individualized, one-on-one orientation with the Port City University’s Office of Student Disability Services. This study employed a qualitative approach, specifically phenomenology, to collect data. The researcher obtained data through semi-structured interviews using a purposeful sample of transfer students with disabilities registered with the Office of Student Disability Services. Seven participants submitted responses concerning their experience with the individualized orientation as related to their perception of self-efficacy and belongingness. Moreover, data underwent an interpretative phenomenological analysis. The study investigator reduced interview transcripts into themes, highlighting the individualized orientation essence. The findings from the research show that the factors related to the individualized orientation with the most influence on participants’ self-efficacy and belongingness were preparation for success, support of accommodations, virtual meeting options, tailored approaches, and knowledgeable and engaging disability services providers. The findings, considerations for future research, and limitations were discussed.