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Business Administration

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Joseph F. Hair, Jr.


Influencer parasocial relationships, illusory relationships between social media influencers and their followers, serve as one of the greatest predictors of online consumer behavior as well as the basis for emotional attachment for consumers, worldwide. The phenomenon has been the subject of much research and the construct that researchers have used to find support for behavior. While research within the past decade has focused on predictors of various behavior, no research exists to explore the weakening effect impact of consumer-brand relationship constructs, brand attachment, oppositional brand loyalty, and brand commitment, on influencer parasocial relationships producing online impulse buying behavior. Limited studies exist to empirically test parasocial relationships and oppositional brand loyalty. This study was the first to conceptually and empirically test this possible effect of consumer-brand relationships on parasocial relationships leading to impulse buying through a concise theoretical framework.

Available for download on Friday, June 11, 2027