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The Psychology Department at the University of South Alabama began teaching a course titled “Careers for Psychology Majors” in Fall 2019. This sophomore level course was created to help psychology majors explore careers options with a bachelor's degree in psychology as well as careers that require graduate study. Students completed a pre and post course survey from their Landrum and Davis (2020) textbook regarding their knowledge and perceptions of career options after graduating. Pre to post course changes in student surveys were analyzed with paired samples t-tests for each question. Increases from pre to post was observed with every question with the majority of pre to post course differences being significant. These results were similar to the results from the first publication of the survey in Dillinger and Landrum (2002). Data collection is currently ongoing. This sophomore level course is benefiting students by increasing their knowledge of career paths post-baccalaureate.

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Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Methods | Educational Psychology | Other Education | Psychology | University Extension

Pre to Post Course Differences in Knowledge and Perception of a Careers for Psychology Majors Course